Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How google made me a better learner


Google made me a better learner because of all of the different things you can do with it. For example, this is a blogger, part of google, and you're reading this right now, and I'm typing this, I've also embedded a google slides a google doc a link to my site and a form so you can see it directly from my blog post. Google slides can help me show little slideshows of these things that I think are interesting, and I want to share with everybody. Forms help me get the information I need to do little research papers on google docs (which is the next one) and helps me see other people's opinions. Google docs is just a standard document creator, which helps me write papers and more. there are many add-ons that make things easier, and some are even fun! Google sites is really cool because it's like weebly or other website creators, but it's easier to use (in my opinion) and you only need a google account to create one. in the end, google makes life SO MUCH easier

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Q: How did you contribute to your team?
A: I was trying to solve the questions that they gave us and I ended up solving one by myself.
My group worked pretty fast, and i couldn't keep up so I didn't end up doing that much.
Q: Describe how solving a puzzle in the game relates to solving a problem in the real world.
A: When solving a puzzle in the game, it fells different because you're really just working on a computer and testing things, while in real life you actually do things off the computer and on. Also when doing it in real life it feels more rushed, especially if you have a timer, where as online it fells more relaxed.
Q: How could your group have been more effective?
A: We could have been more effective by making sure everyone was following, so that we could all work on it at once and find the answers faster.
Q: Describe how another member of your team (class) exemplified collaboration
A: My friends exemplified collaboration by making sure everybody was on the same page and were working together on the problems.